Cancer Assessment Consultation | 60 minutes | Investment: $150

  • Review of health history (including pathology report)
  • Assessment of current food and lifestyle habits
  • Client receives a customized cancer profile, as well as dietary, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations (sample recipes included)
  • Cancer Recovery Program is outlined in order to facilitate healing and prevent disease recurrence
  • Consultations are available in-office, in-home, or by phone.
  • Follow up support is included in regards to given recommendations
  • Free 20-minute phone consultation included

Follow-Up Appointment | 30 minutes | Investment: $80

  • Review of client’s progress and any ongoing/new concerns regarding previous recommendations
  • Continued guidance and support in altering dietary and lifestyle habits
  • Adjustments, if necessary, are made and further recommendations and instructions are given in order to facilitate cancer recovery and prevent disease recurrence

Full Cancer Care Recovery Program | Investment: $450

  • Initial Consultation (60 min) + 5 Follow-Up Meetings (60 minutes each)
  • Initial Consultation- 60 minutes: Review of health history, medications and current treatment, current concerns (relating to cancer and treatment side-effects), and health goals
  • Six one-hour private appointments with customized dietary, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations:
    • Includes approximately 6 hours of detailed research and development of evidence-based nutritional protocols for your cancer type
    • Dietary recommendations include a customized anti-cancer meal plan that targets your specific cancer type, with easy-to-follow recipes
    • Individualized lifestyle recommendations that are aimed at reducing disease-related depression and stress
    • Anti-cancer herbal and supplement recommendations, as needed
    • An anti-cancer shopping list
    • Protocols to minimize side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery
  • Client receives a customized cancer resource manual
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Free 20-minute phone consultation included

Individualized Anti-Cancer Meal Planning | Investment: $65

  • Development of an individualized menu plan, tailored to foods that have been proven to starve cancer
  • Tailored to the client’s food preferences and kitchen abilities
  • Free 20-minute phone consultation included

Anti-Cancer Kitchen Cleanse | Investment: $60

  • Free 20-minute phone consultation included
  • Complete revamping of your fridge and cupboards, with education on cancer-fighting foods

Grocery Store Tour | Investment: $60

  • Free 20-minute phone consultation included
  • A private 60-minute grocery store tour that educates and empowers you to make the heathiest choices for your individual needs while utilizing anti-cancer foods
  • For clients who are currently battling cancer or for those wanting to implement preventative strategies