Unlocking the Power of Lifestyle Medicine & Dietary Intervention


Length: 8 sessions        Duration: 30-60 minutes per session  

Includes: Free discovery call + 6 educational group sessions (via video conference) + Two individual sessions (via video conference) 

Nutrition for Healing from Heart Disease is an 8-week group program (offered via video conference) for individuals with coronary heart disease designed to support the prevention and healing of heart disease through dietary interventions and other healthy lifestyle behaviours. The program was developed to educate individuals living with cardiovascular disease about the power of using evidence-based dietary interventions in the treatment of this condition. 


Healing from cardiovascular disease does not require a secret formula or therapy that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Literature shows us that a healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent, halt and even reverse coronary heart disease.

In fact, cardiovascular disease is completely preventable in at least 95% of people! It is not only preventable, it is actually reversible by changing diet and lifestyle.

You will discover the science behind our approach and provide you with numerous resources to help you in your transition to a healthier lifestyle. You will also be surrounded by a group of supportive, like-minded individuals.  


Over the course of 8 weeks, you will learn about:

  • General nutrition concepts
  • The link between diet and cardiovascular disease
  • The science behind using diet to prevent, arrest, and even reverse coronary artery disease
  • How to reduce blood lipid levels, stabilize blood sugar levels, and reduce blood pressure
  • How to lose weight in a sustainable manner and keep it off for good
  • How to optimize digestion
  • Supplement recommendations

Once you have registered, you will receive the following:

  • Individualized, evidence-based dietary and lifestyle recommendations for supporting heart health
  • Six educational sessions
  • Meal Plan
  • Recipe package
  • Grocery shopping list
  • Meal planning tips
  • Support and accountability
  • Educational materials and resources


  • Our protocol is based on the best available science on the role of nutrition in cardiovascular disease
  • We ensure that our dietary guidelines are simple, sustainable, and delicious!
  • You are provided with lots of support along the way
  • We provide you with all the necessary tools and resources to guarantee your success in the program
  • Most people start feeling better within a few days


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