Breast cancer doen’t happen overnight. By the time a lump is detected, it may have been there for forty years or longer- what doctors call “early detection” is actually late detection. As many as 39% of women in their 40’s already have breast cancers that may be too small to be detected by a mammogram.

The good news, is that we may be able to slow the growth rate of these hidden cancers. Dietary prevention and treatment can end up being the same thing so you may die with tumors rather than from them. How do we know this?
Autopsy results show that as many as 20% of women aged 20-54 who died from unrelated causes, had hidden breast cancer tumors that were in the initiation stage.
Choosing a diet that not only prevents the initiation stage of cancer but also hampers the promotion stage is critical (when the cancer grows large enough to pose a threat).
Which diet is best supported by evidence for breast cancer prevention? The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) came up with ten recommendations on cancer prevention and stated:
“Diets that revolve around whole plant foods- vegetables, grains, fruits, and beans- cut the risk of many cancers, and other diseases as well.”