Astragalus & Your Immune System

Is your immune system functioning optimally? I get asked about immune-boosting supplements all the time, especially when working with clients who are going through cancer.

Astragalus is an ancient Chinese herb whose root is used medicinally. A myriad of studies have shown its powerful immune boosting abilities, but that’s not all. To boost the immune system is one thing, but to CORRECT it, is another. This is where astragalus shines. It is both immunomodulating (ie. boosting) and adaptogenjc (corrects the immune response and “lights up the radar” for cancer, viruses, and bacteria).

One 1994 Italian study showed that breast cancer patients who were given astragalus in combination with ligustrum showed a decline in mortality from 50% to 10%. Two other studies showed that cancer patients taking astragalus had TWICE the survival rate of those who received chemo, radiation, and surgery. It is widely used for the treatment of hepatitis as well, as it boosts interferon levels without affecting normal DNA.

In summary, this incredible root can boost your immune function and help fight colds, the flu, bacterial and viral infections, fungi infections, hepatitis, and even cancer.

***It is safe to take astragulus every day with no adverse side effects unless pregnant or suffering from an autoimmune disease. ***

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