Disease Prevention with Lifestyle Medicine & Nutrition (Group Self-Management Programs)

Unlocking the Power of Dietary Intervention



Lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based approach to preventing, treating, and even reversing chronic diseases through lifestyle therapeutic approaches.

  • Whole food plant-based nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Adequate sleep
  • Stress management
  • Avoidance of substance abuse


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Nutrition Therapy for Cancer

Nutrition for Pain Management

Nutrition for Healing from Heart Disease

Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability in the US, with cardiovascular disease taking first place as the leading killer. More than 80% of chronic diseases are preventable, being the result of unhealthy dietary and lifestyle behaviors.

As health care practitioners treating individuals with chronic disease for several years, we have witnessed the results of an unhealthy lifestyle first-hand. While medicine is excellent, standard pills and procedures are ineffective at treating chronic diseases. They can slow down complications but do not treat the root cause of the disease.   On the contrary, healthy lifestyle behaviors, such as diet and exercise, have proven to be successful in preventing, arresting, and even reversing these diseases. 

As a result, we have developed nutritional group therapy programs to support the prevention and treatment of the leading chronic diseases. Diet plays a central role in the prevention of disease and optimizing health. Specifically, studies show that a predominantly whole food plant-based diet can minimize and even eliminate our susceptibility to chronic diseases. Plant-based diets are cost-effective, low-risk interventions that can lower body mass index, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.